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Kinda hanging on to a few males as the show season is coming up. But have some later bloomers from spawns where I showed fish this past fall. These guys are a few young males from my metallic spawn 43. This spawn throw big finned fish that carry their finnage well, even in old age. They are late to develop as they get big, thick bodies before the finnage started to come in. I prefer that over fish that get big long fins on the smaller, thinner bodies.. seems the finnage is not as sturdy as the fins on a more slower maturing fish. We got some great multis, greens and coppers in this spawn. The females are all very balanced and I don’t think I had a bad female in the bunch. Many took placings this past fall. So here are some of they boys I have left.

Got a cute and young butterfly royal male. He still needs to do some growing, but he is on track to be a very nice fish. Not as good a butterfly pattern as would like for showing.. but form wise he is super nice and being butterfly he carries marble. He would be a nice male to bring good branching and big finnage to a marble line.

And last, but surely not least.. my metallics crossed to a royal male I got from Karen McAuley. If your into bettas you know she is one of the top US breeders right now. Her fish have great form and are sturdy.. good bodies and top lines. My metallics also have nice bodies, good overall balance and great branching. Colorwise we are all over the place. But, with the form genetics in these fish we will reel back the color to solid metallics. If your into multis or marbles these girls would be great.


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Spawn 10 Update

Our 10th spawn is coming along nicely. This guy was all full of himself after a water change and snack. He is the neatest color. Copper with enough red wash to have pinkish purple tints to his fins, a butterfly pattern that is not clean so he has a ‘splashed’ look to him. He is starting to get some nice balance though this photo does not really show it.

We get a few of these ‘splash’ type bettas. They have a butterfly pattern yet have the color dragged into the white. Not clean enough to do well in the butterfly classes as there are always nicely patterned fish there, but still a very attractive fish to watch and enjoy. The remind me of the pari-colored poodles. This male is a nice dark copper that sets off the white and splash pattern very nicely.

Though most of the fish in this spawn are copper, we did get a few other colors. This is one of them. I’m going to have to get a better picture of him because he is actually a soft blue with pink in his fins. Reminds me of the colors for babies. Show wise this fish has a lot of red wash.. but we will watch him grow out and check for form. As a breeder we are always looking for the fish with the best form.. color can always be straightened out in the coming generations.
Overall this spawn is turning out nice for one we did not plan. It also crosses all three foundation fish we had. The males have great branching in their fins and so far, all have gone a full 180 for half moon. The females we are still watching.  There are some very pretty blue and white marble females that I hope will have enough branching to get to 180 as well. The female siblings to the father all had great tails and the mother not only had a nice tail, but she threw that trait in other spawns. A few more weeks and we are going to pick out our fish for the first show of the season.

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Spawn 10 – October 16 – Update

This spawn was my accident. See the parents HERE. I was treating 2 fish for fin issues. The male was in a mesh net in a 10 gallon with a female. He jumped out and the next morning I came into a spawn. So she was removed and I did not expect much from them because of the medications. Well, we got a decent sized spawn.. maybe 40 fish.. and they all have a nice metallic sheen to them. I have blues, greens, coppers, platinums and some creamy colored ones. This guy is one of the Coppers. Real cute but the Butterfly pattern is not very clean right now. Since the fins grow from the bottom.. I could have a better pattern in a few months. Time will tell.

Another Copper colored male. Again, we have a Butterfly pattern that is not very clean. The colored area is bleeding into the white band. And this guy has a lot of red wash in his fins. But, his tail has the first rays on the edges long and straight.. and he appears to have a few additional rays on his dorsal, making a  nice wide base. I’d like to see the first 2 rays of his dorsal longer.. but we will see how he turns out. Though not ideally colored for a show fish.. in person he is very attractive with the shadings of Copper, pink and lavender.

OK.. this is not the best angle.. and the lighting kinda sucks. These guys are in my larger 1 gallon containers with rounded corners and a kinda opaque rather than clear color to them. The containers do not make the best place for photographing Bettas so we have to live with photos like this. Anyway.. this is a lighter Copper. His color reminds me of a Buckskin color..creamy with black edging. His tail is a bit different shaped but look at the branching. I’d like to see cleaner and sharper edges on his tail.. and less red wash. But not bad for about 3 months.

Finally, a color besides the Copper. This guy is a very nice green and, if he does not lose more color, he will be patterned nicely for the shows. He even has a very nice Butterfly pattern on his fins. He wasn’t in the mood to Flare today. I will try to get more pics of him at a later time.

In person, this fellow is a very pretty fish! He is a shinny Platinum with smokey black smudges in his fins. His fins have curled some with the 2 weeks vacation and lack of water changes. That is too bad .. I don’t think I can reverse the damage. The top of his dorsal and his tail have curled rays.. and I have some bending in the anal fin as well. Even with the curling he has a nice balance.  Again, I have a color that is not easy to fit into show categories.. but is none the less a very attractive combination.

I love this 3 month age. The boys are just coming into themselves and the fins are changing every week. Although the girls come along nice at this age too.. the boys, with their new found attitudes and developing fins make for a lot of interest in the fish room.

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Spawn 11 – Oct 23 – Update

A little updating on my 11th spawn. They are almost 3 months old. To see the parents check out my web site.

This was the first male I pulled from the spawn. Before I went on vacation I jarred up the bigger boys to avoid any ripped fins while I was gone. He was pretty much a dark green color when I left. And now look.. the Marble gene is pulling color. If he stops loosing color at this point, he will be nicely patterned for the shows. I love the nice, broad dorsal base on him. This is what I was looking for when I crossed the parents. His tail is pretty much a full Halfmoon. Overall he is turning out to be very nice.

This little guy is the third male.. “C”. He is not as big as the previous male and is a much brighter green color. He also has a Marble pattern with a decent Butterfly pattern on the fins. Again I have the wider dorsal base and a little better balance.. at least right now. Who knows when he gets to the size of his brother.

This is my favorite male so far from this spawn.. “B”. He is always ripping around his container and flaring.. except when I tried to get a picture. He moves so fast it is difficult to really get a good shot of him. He is a beautiful, brilliant blue and has a full Halfmoon tail.. and just look at that dorsal. I’m not real crazy about the white edges on his fins. It is not enough to be a Butterfly and he will get dinged for it in the classes for blues. But I love him anyway. He will definitely be bred. I’m not so sure I want to ship him across the country to shows. I may just hand carry him in to the ones  I attend. Hopefully he will be a contender for placing at the convention this year.

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Tri Band Copper Halfmoon

1A-1 This is my favorite male out of the Copper spawn. His fins are huge! I like the three bands of color he has. They are not contrasting enough to be a good Butterfly pattern for shows.. but I was told an entry in Form and Finage would be a better place for him. I think 3 weeks from now, when the next show rolls around, he will be past his prime for showing with these fins. So, we are looking at a few females to pair with him for a spawn. When I bred the parents I was looking for some nice, even Coppers. What I got was a lot of Butterfly patterns in Copper/White and this Punk/Lavender/White. Now that I want to duplicate this pattern, you watch.. it probably won’t show up again.

1A-2Although I love this guy, I prefer fins that are not so ‘frilly’. I’d like a flatter and crisper look to the tail.. so we will look for a female that is a 180 HM without any extra frills. Look at the huge dorsal on this fish. When faced with another Betta he can get that up way high. I hope the huge fins do not slow him too much in the breeding tank. Since I already have one spawn with the fry still free falling [tomorrow they will be horizontal] and the father of this spawn with a daughter in spawn tanks, this guy might be another week or so. I did get a glass tank made to take photos so am going to try to get a nice picture of him before the fins get wrecked in spawning. With the fish room construction going on and home schooling, I am not getting much done.. sigh

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Copper Spawn at 4.5 months

f2My fist spawn is 4.5 months old now. The males are really coming into their own. This has been my favorite. Big bodied and his fins have 3 bands of color on them. His tail is over 180 and although his anal fin is a bit long here, another big male looked like this then his tail went wild and he balanced out. I’m hoping this one will do the same. The 3 bands of color I found interesting so will keep him for future breeding.


This is another favorite. A nice butterfly with fins coming along real well until that big chunk was removed. The edges were red when it happened, but now are clear and seem to be healing nicely. I had planned on showing him in 2 weeks in Michigan.. but since he is another I would like to breed, it doesn’t matter if he heals or not for the show. The other really nice butterfly like him I sold today to a local breeder. In time I hope to get his offspring back for crossing back into my lines.

6This male is one of the solid coppers. He has more red in his ventral and anal fins than I would like, but is still a nice looking fish none the less. He is full HM and the edges of his tail are nice and sharp. Neither parent has red wash in them so I’m a bit surprised to see it show up in the offspring. Every male in this spawn has gone a full 180. Impressive! Even with the red wash in this fish he carries some awesome genetics and should throw some nice fish. This guy will possibly go to the show and up for auction. Will see what he does the next two weeks.

3One of the girls. She has some nice fins with good branching, but quite a few irregular scales. My favorite females are the marble and marked ones. I do have a few nice solids pulled and will possibly breed.

The pictures do not really do this color fish any kind of justice. I am trying to get a special glass tank made to get some better pictures of my fish. I need to take a trip to the library and get a book on photography for a crash course. I have played with lighting and still can’t get this color to photograph like you can see it. Guess I need to learn more about the camera too.

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Copper Spawn bring on the Shine

young Copper Male Betta
young Copper Male Betta

The first spawn I did [Copper x Copper] is also coming along nicely. This bunch, though older by a few weeks, took longer to show some maturity. A week or so ago I though I had a tank full of females. I started to jar up the bigger fish and also started doing ever other day water changes and here we now have some very nice males. This one is a solid Copper and his fins are very nice. He is my current favorite solid colored male.

01-mbf5A very pleasant suprise has been the marbles and Butterflies I have gotten from this spawn. Check this guy out. He is a Copper Marble with a very nice Butterfly patter developing.

01-mbf2Here’s another picture of him showing the marbling a bit better. I love everything about this fish and will probably end up keeping him.

01-3In addition to the Marbled Copper Butterfly I got two really nice Copper Butterflies out of this spawn so far. This guy is patterened pretty and the edges are a nice white.. not quite what the picture is showing. I’m hoping he will be showable down the road.

01-bf1And here is the other Copper Butterfly. He too is developing into a real nice fish and should also be a show fish for us. The hard part is going to be letting some of these guys go.

01-fm3We have several nice females now as well. This is one of the girls. They are getting large and some are starting to show verticle bars and flaring back at the Juvie Males. This girl is one I am watching right now.

01-mf2The Marble pattern is starting to show up in the females now as well. This was one of the first to loose some color. Not the best picture but we are showing some nice fins as well.


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Butterfly out of Cacoon

7Here is my little Butterfly about 10 days ago. I could see a hint of a decent pattern beginning. I kept my fingers crossed that as he grew it would continue to improve.

f3And here we are now. The fish is back lit by a bright window so it is showing off a nice little butterfly pattern. His fins appear to be red/white. I’m not sure what color his body is going to be.. maybe a black with greeen irridescents over the top?

f4I need to get some good overhead lighting to get some better pictures. This one might be real purty with better lighting.

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