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Need to spend some time photographing fish but it is my least favorite thing to do as I never seem to have enough time to get them all done. So, I cheated and took some videos of fish I will hopefully be getting photos of soon and posted to AquaBid. If you like any of the fish just send me an email and we will make arrangements to get you the fish.

These girls are from a variety of spawns. Most of them are from my F1 cross to get blue and yellow marble or grizzles. Got some very nicely patterned bicolors or mustard gas types as well as some neat marbles. Most could be better branched but I am after a color so will work in the better form in the next generation. If interested just send me an email.. otherwise we will get them photographed and on AquaBid over the coming weekend.

Nice female from my metallic spawn that, a nicely colored royal blue and a black with red butterfly pattern.


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Black Bettas

Young Black Betta
Young Black Betta

Black bettas are a difficult thing to breed. Attempting to breed nice bettas in this color is not for the faint of heart as many of the really dark black females that are Melano are sterile and spawns fail. It can be discouraging to breed and encounter so many failures so it is good idea to have another line that is easier just to have some encouragement along the way. It is also difficult to get rid of the iridescence or shine from the fish to be a good black. One of our lines produces nice metallics with a lot of black underneath, so I decided to take the most black of the group and breed towards that coloring. Pictured is one of  the first males pulled in our F1 generation. He has the metallic shimmer on his body and also into his fins.. but he is not a bad place to start. Already showing some good branching, he should mature nicely.

Young Black Betta

Young Black Betta

Another young male recently pulled.. he has more of the shine but also a deeper black. He may, in time, mature with enough shine to be shown in the metallics class. I’m please with what I am seeing form wise at this young age and am happy we have a large spawn and will have plenty to choose from for both breeding and showing. As the group matures we will be looking for the darkest fish as well as the ones with the least shine to breed in our next cross. Since we are going towards the black without the shine, in a few months we will have some very nice fish for sale.

Black FM Betta

Black FM Betta

This female showed up in our metallic spawn. She is more of a chocolate color than black, and we may have to breed towards this color as well to have breedable females. This same spawn has given me 2 very nice black butterfly males that will head to the shows in a month or so. They are more this color than the really dark black as well. Also coming along is our spawn out of the huge DT chocolate male we imported from Thailand. They have another month or so to go before we will be able to really see anything. But it looks like we will have a good selection to breed towards the goal of black bettas.

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Copper Spawn bring on the Shine

young Copper Male Betta
young Copper Male Betta

The first spawn I did [Copper x Copper] is also coming along nicely. This bunch, though older by a few weeks, took longer to show some maturity. A week or so ago I though I had a tank full of females. I started to jar up the bigger fish and also started doing ever other day water changes and here we now have some very nice males. This one is a solid Copper and his fins are very nice. He is my current favorite solid colored male.

01-mbf5A very pleasant suprise has been the marbles and Butterflies I have gotten from this spawn. Check this guy out. He is a Copper Marble with a very nice Butterfly patter developing.

01-mbf2Here’s another picture of him showing the marbling a bit better. I love everything about this fish and will probably end up keeping him.

01-3In addition to the Marbled Copper Butterfly I got two really nice Copper Butterflies out of this spawn so far. This guy is patterened pretty and the edges are a nice white.. not quite what the picture is showing. I’m hoping he will be showable down the road.

01-bf1And here is the other Copper Butterfly. He too is developing into a real nice fish and should also be a show fish for us. The hard part is going to be letting some of these guys go.

01-fm3We have several nice females now as well. This is one of the girls. They are getting large and some are starting to show verticle bars and flaring back at the Juvie Males. This girl is one I am watching right now.

01-mf2The Marble pattern is starting to show up in the females now as well. This was one of the first to loose some color. Not the best picture but we are showing some nice fins as well.


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Female Crowntail

allieHere is Allie. This is the female Crowntail  that we got with the Copper male Crowntail. Sorry about the water spots.. she was free swimming in the sorority tank and they all had food on their minds. Compared to the other girls, she is a bit bulkier. Her fins are cool.. and best of all.. my son really likes her. We will give her a few weeks to settle in then get here in the spawning tank.

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