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Still have lots of fish in grow outs. I went a little nuts on the reds so have a lot of fish coming. If you don’t mind them young I can make you a deal to finish growing them out. Lots of the lighter bodied Cambodian females.. some very nice bicolors. I will be separating some of the traditional Cambodian girls out to get them ready for the shows.. but the rest are available and for sale. Many are breeding these lighter bodied females to get reds without the black layer  underneath that also give a black edged scale. The black edging counts against a fish in the shows so that is why the Cambodian based breeding. Here are some of the girls. if interested, just send me an email and we will get you some ready to ship.

The two very large spawns are out of the same female but different males. One is a sibling and the other is a very nice import I have pictured here. Love the great spread on this import and the super sharp edges and branching. I have several nice males already and plenty more coming. Most of the darker bodied ones I will be keeping for the show season but if you are interested in a red butterfly pattern I have three available as well as some lighter bodied males. Here are some of the reds I will be photographing and posting soon.


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Fish for Sale ~ Assorted Female

Need to spend some time photographing fish but it is my least favorite thing to do as I never seem to have enough time to get them all done. So, I cheated and took some videos of fish I will hopefully be getting photos of soon and posted to AquaBid. If you like any of the fish just send me an email and we will make arrangements to get you the fish.

These girls are from a variety of spawns. Most of them are from my F1 cross to get blue and yellow marble or grizzles. Got some very nicely patterned bicolors or mustard gas types as well as some neat marbles. Most could be better branched but I am after a color so will work in the better form in the next generation. If interested just send me an email.. otherwise we will get them photographed and on AquaBid over the coming weekend.

Nice female from my metallic spawn that, a nicely colored royal blue and a black with red butterfly pattern.

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Our New Website

We have been working on a new website and it is just about done. We are still adding articles and fish for sale. My project over the next few days that I have off is to get more fish photographed and up for sale. But I wanted to go ahead and make it public since most of the main content is in there.

If you register for the site you will get access to two other areas. One area is a forum where we can have discussions and share photos. I breed to the IBC standard and find there are not many places on the web discussing things like form as it pertains to showing fish. I would like this forum will fill that need and assist those that want to breed quality fish and hopefully to show them in the IBC. There is information on the home page about the registration process.

The other members only  area is a Sneak Peek section. The Sneak Peek section is where I will post some of my nicer fish for sale before I offer them on AquaBid. That will also be where I post my breeders when I get the next generation going. I only have so much room and I would rather pass these fish onto to other serious breeders than to just let them sit. If you are interested in these fish just email me and make arrangements for payment and shipping.

Since I am still working on the site I would appreciate a note if you find any non working links. Joomla is a little different that other programming in that pages are not fixed. They are created each time you go to them and as such the actual address of the page may vary. I’m still new to this so let me know if anything does not work. I would also appreciate a note if you want to see anything I am not providing. There is a suggestion section in the forum for such ideas.

Look forward to seeing ya’ll on the web site.

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Fish for Sale

We have been busy taking pictures and getting fish loaded up on Aquabid. There are several young spawns about 5 weeks that are coming on like gang busters and I need room for them to grow out so the older fish need to go! The brilliant royal blue male to the left here in only one of our metallic males for sale. Check out our fish for sale here.

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AquaBid auctions updated

 Photographing bettas takes a lot of time and effort to get a few good shots. We are still playing with lighting and lens settings and seem to have a way to go to get photos I really like. I took a lot of pictures Saturday.. actually spent most of the day photographing fish.. to update our AquaBid auctions and caught this about-face with the camera. Wish it was a bit clearer but it gives you an idea how quickly these fish can move and how difficult those nice shots are to get. Hope to have more fish up for sale next weekend as well as we have a lot of nice fish maturing and I won’t show them all.

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Fish for Sale

We need to make room for upcoming spawns so we are selling some very nice young fish like the male pictured as well as some of the fish we have chosen to breed. This male is maybe 12 weeks old and will continue to mature. He has several nice sisters for sale as well. To see him and our other fish for sale see our AquaBid auctions.

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Fish for Sale

We currently have several nice fish for sale on AquaBid. The guy pictured here is Copper Splash. He is a very nice, show quality Halfmoon male. He matured late. The shows are done and I have already bred two of his brothers.. so I do not need him. I have a sibling female that can be ordered if you place the winning bid on him. check out his other photos as well as some very nice metallic females.

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If you have been reading this blog, you will know I recently purchased a Pineapple Betta from a breeder in Thailand known on AquaBid as GreatBetta. I asked for a female as well and got a great quality fish to breed with the male. I had been watching this breeders fish for a while before deciding to buy from him.. and was impressed with the over all quality I was seeing in fish after fish.

I happened to stumble across pictures of some of his fish on the web and just want to share. To see more of his fish, please check out this link.. GREATBETTA .These pictures are from his photo album. There are 34 pages of beautiful bettas. And, if you want to get one of his bettas for yourself, please check out his actions on AquaBid HERE.

For those of you wondering how difficult it is to import a fish from Thailand.. let me tell you it isn’t. A breeder like GreatBettas  exports fish to the U.S. weekly. After you pay the cost of the fish, you pay an export fee of $5. That’s right.. $5. The fish is sent to the U.S. and are received by a Transhipper. There are several in this country who receive the fish. They then unpack the fish and change their water out for clean, fresh water. The fish will be re-bagged and boxed to send to you. Most fish are sent Express mail for about $35-$42. There is the cost of the shipping as well as insulating the box. If the weather is cool the package will also get a heat pack.

You will want to be there when the fish arrive. Having them sit on a porch in heat or cold is not good for the fish. Although you will be excited to see your new fish, remember the fish is in a stressful situation and coming out of darkness into sudden bright light will increase their stress. Open the box gradually and set the bag in the water the betta will be going into to allow their shipping water to reach the same temp. Open the shipping bag and gradually add their new water to their old to get them used to the new water conditions. Bettas coming from Thailand are used to soft water so really go slow if you have harder water conditions. Allow them to get settled then feed lightly. They have been fasted several days to make the trip to you.

 On occasion the fish will not make the trip and be dead on arrival [DOA]. Should that happen do not open the bag. Take a clear, close up photo of the fish and send a copy to the breeder. Most of them will offer a like replacement or a refund of the cost of the fish. Shipping charges are not refundable. If you are worried about how often that happens.. it is few and far between. These breeders and transhippers ship hundreds of fish a month.. so losses happen.. but not often.

So how much are one of these beauties gonna cost you? On average a male like these will run $30. So to get to the U.S. it will cost you $35. Add roughly another $35 for the Express shipping to you and you have $70 in a fish.. that is not guaranteed to breed. The most economical way to get these fish if you are a breeder is to get several. You can get 4 fish in that box to you for $35.. and only have to pay that once. U.S. breeders charge about the same for a fish and shipping to you.. all there is is that $5 export fee. When you can get fish as exceptional as these.. that $5 is more than worth it!

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