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Kinda hanging on to a few males as the show season is coming up. But have some later bloomers from spawns where I showed fish this past fall. These guys are a few young males from my metallic spawn 43. This spawn throw big finned fish that carry their finnage well, even in old age. They are late to develop as they get big, thick bodies before the finnage started to come in. I prefer that over fish that get big long fins on the smaller, thinner bodies.. seems the finnage is not as sturdy as the fins on a more slower maturing fish. We got some great multis, greens and coppers in this spawn. The females are all very balanced and I don’t think I had a bad female in the bunch. Many took placings this past fall. So here are some of they boys I have left.

Got a cute and young butterfly royal male. He still needs to do some growing, but he is on track to be a very nice fish. Not as good a butterfly pattern as would like for showing.. but form wise he is super nice and being butterfly he carries marble. He would be a nice male to bring good branching and big finnage to a marble line.

And last, but surely not least.. my metallics crossed to a royal male I got from Karen McAuley. If your into bettas you know she is one of the top US breeders right now. Her fish have great form and are sturdy.. good bodies and top lines. My metallics also have nice bodies, good overall balance and great branching. Colorwise we are all over the place. But, with the form genetics in these fish we will reel back the color to solid metallics. If your into multis or marbles these girls would be great.


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Copper Shine ~ Spawn 24

The copper/red-white butterfly male crossed into a very nice green multi female that was a 2nd place winner in Michigan this past spring is producing some very nice fish. We have coppers, greens, copper blacks and marbles. As you can see from the picture, they are a colorful lot. I now have barracks for 118 fish and they are all full. We have 12 females pulled, some of our adult breeders and the rest are upcoming males. And, as you can see in the photo, we room for a lot more.

 This male was the first boy out of this spawn and he is turning into a real head turner. He carries a nice wide dorsal and every thing is in balance.. the dorsal flows nicely into the tail which flows smoothly into his anal fin. Shows are still 8 weeks away so we are not gonna push growing him. Color wise he is a multi colored betta and would be shown in that class. I have a very sa-weet royal female with the broader dorsal, long body, a great 180 tail with sharp edges out of another breeding that will be crossed to him in time. That cross should get me cleaner color and back to a nice royal with future generations. We have a saying.. you build the house, then you paint it. With the bettas, you establish your form, then work on cleaning up the color. This boy, and the female to go with him, have everything I desire in my bettas.. now we refine it and go for a BOS [Best of Show].

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Fish for Sale

We need to make room for upcoming spawns so we are selling some very nice young fish like the male pictured as well as some of the fish we have chosen to breed. This male is maybe 12 weeks old and will continue to mature. He has several nice sisters for sale as well. To see him and our other fish for sale see our AquaBid auctions.

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