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Kinda hanging on to a few males as the show season is coming up. But have some later bloomers from spawns where I showed fish this past fall. These guys are a few young males from my metallic spawn 43. This spawn throw big finned fish that carry their finnage well, even in old age. They are late to develop as they get big, thick bodies before the finnage started to come in. I prefer that over fish that get big long fins on the smaller, thinner bodies.. seems the finnage is not as sturdy as the fins on a more slower maturing fish. We got some great multis, greens and coppers in this spawn. The females are all very balanced and I don’t think I had a bad female in the bunch. Many took placings this past fall. So here are some of they boys I have left.

Got a cute and young butterfly royal male. He still needs to do some growing, but he is on track to be a very nice fish. Not as good a butterfly pattern as would like for showing.. but form wise he is super nice and being butterfly he carries marble. He would be a nice male to bring good branching and big finnage to a marble line.

And last, but surely not least.. my metallics crossed to a royal male I got from Karen McAuley. If your into bettas you know she is one of the top US breeders right now. Her fish have great form and are sturdy.. good bodies and top lines. My metallics also have nice bodies, good overall balance and great branching. Colorwise we are all over the place. But, with the form genetics in these fish we will reel back the color to solid metallics. If your into multis or marbles these girls would be great.


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Fish for Sale ~ Assorted Female

Need to spend some time photographing fish but it is my least favorite thing to do as I never seem to have enough time to get them all done. So, I cheated and took some videos of fish I will hopefully be getting photos of soon and posted to AquaBid. If you like any of the fish just send me an email and we will make arrangements to get you the fish.

These girls are from a variety of spawns. Most of them are from my F1 cross to get blue and yellow marble or grizzles. Got some very nicely patterned bicolors or mustard gas types as well as some neat marbles. Most could be better branched but I am after a color so will work in the better form in the next generation. If interested just send me an email.. otherwise we will get them photographed and on AquaBid over the coming weekend.

Nice female from my metallic spawn that, a nicely colored royal blue and a black with red butterfly pattern.

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Spawn 23

We have pulled about 10 males from the small spawn and a few more will be coming. Most every fish has the wider dorsal base we have been breeding towards. This male here is the largest boy right now. He has nice metallic coloring and just a hint of red wash in his anal fin and ventrals. With the right female this can be cleaned up in future generations.

The second male has better color and more dorsal rays.. but his tail is very rounded. As lovely as  he will turn out to be, he will not be bred or probably even shown. When he matures he will be offered for sale on AquaBid. Even with the rounded tail he will carry some incredible genetics that will improve a line. This boy is more the green color I adore and there are others in the spawn that are nicer that I will breed to establish a line of greens.

This male is showing some very nice overall balance. He has a great dorsal with a wide base and no short spiky rays in the front. As he develops I think it will be very full. Color wise he is not very clean.. seeing red in the anal and the tail. But, if that red is nice and solid I may be able to show him in the multi color class this spring.

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Spawn 17

Here is a feisty 10 week old male from Spawn 17. We are wanting to work Blacks so he will be a nice step towards that goal. He is carrying a lot of metallic.. but we will cross him with a black/metallic sister and work over the next generations to less of the metallic. I crossed his father with a female I bought from a fellow breeder that also carries black in her lines. Hoping to have closely related fish to criss-cross to get my blacks. That spawn is a week old and huge! Should have a lot of nice fish in another month or so.

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