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Our New Website

We have been working on a new website and it is just about done. We are still adding articles and fish for sale. My project over the next few days that I have off is to get more fish photographed and up for sale. But I wanted to go ahead and make it public since most of the main content is in there.

If you register for the site you will get access to two other areas. One area is a forum where we can have discussions and share photos. I breed to the IBC standard and find there are not many places on the web discussing things like form as it pertains to showing fish. I would like this forum will fill that need and assist those that want to breed quality fish and hopefully to show them in the IBC. There is information on the home page about the registration process.

The other members only  area is a Sneak Peek section. The Sneak Peek section is where I will post some of my nicer fish for sale before I offer them on AquaBid. That will also be where I post my breeders when I get the next generation going. I only have so much room and I would rather pass these fish onto to other serious breeders than to just let them sit. If you are interested in these fish just email me and make arrangements for payment and shipping.

Since I am still working on the site I would appreciate a note if you find any non working links. Joomla is a little different that other programming in that pages are not fixed. They are created each time you go to them and as such the actual address of the page may vary. I’m still new to this so let me know if anything does not work. I would also appreciate a note if you want to see anything I am not providing. There is a suggestion section in the forum for such ideas.

Look forward to seeing ya’ll on the web site.


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Barrack Overview

I got a camcorder to record my son’s drill team competitions and am finding it real fun in the fish room. We have recorded some of our young fish and it has been nice to see them on video.  We have had a request for an overview of our barracks. So, we kinda walked through and touched on how the different barracks I have made work. We uploaded it to YouTube and here it is. In time we will get more detailed videos of the barracks, taking care of food cultures and of course our young fish.


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Keeping it Straight

It has been a while since I have had a few minutes to do a blog post and I apologize. I am working on a web site to work with our AquaBid auctions as well as to feature other nicely bred bettas for sale by US breeders. Trying to get my domain transferred and it seems to be a lot more difficult than it should be. That said.. on to todays topic.. keeping things straight.

We have done over 50 spawns in the last 3 years and have several fish at different stages at all times. How do we know what fish is from what spawn? The answer is dry erase markers. Everything from tanks to beanies and barracks, the dry erase markers go on, stay on and rub off easily without any residue. I personally like the ones that are like a pen, they have a clicker at the top to put the marker out for writing then click.. back in it goes.

Spawns are marked on their spawn tanks with the id numbers of the fish that are being bred. I put the date I get eggs and add 4 days to that for the free swimming date I use for the spawn date. I also add the spawn number. When the breeders are returned to their cells I mark the date they were bred so I give them plenty of rest between spawns.

Once the fry are moved to the 10 gallon as well as the larger grow out tanks I transfer that information to the side of the tank. If I have small spawns and combine two, both sets of information will go on the tanks.

As the fish are pulled from the grow out they are given a number that consists of their spawn number, a dash and either a number or letter. Males get letters and the girls get numbers. They are done consecutively.. so the males in the picture come from spawn 44 and are the first three males pulled.

Keeping up with fish id’s is not they only way I use these markers. Come show time I write the entry number on the front of their cells in either red or blue. They also get a plus or minus depending on if they are coming back from the show or I am letting them go at auction. I do this when I determine who is going and create my entries. Then, when time to bag, I just go numberically down the line bagging and marking. Makes life real easy when getting ready to ship to a show. It also allows me to keep the space for those returning and I quickly fill others with upcoming fish.

I also use them to write notes about fish so I don’t get in a hurry and forget something. If I get a real pig and they get a bit bloated I write FAST on the front. When a fish is listed on AquaBid I write ‘AB’ and a big ‘L’ on the front. When the fish gets a bid that is erased and ‘SOLD’ is now written. The final bid come in and the auction closes and the winners name is added to the front. As I watch fish develop I add either a smiley face, an ‘AB’ in the corner or a big ‘X’. Smiles are breeders/show fish, the AB means I need to get pics and list for auction. The big ‘X’ is my cull and they are pulled for a friend that rehomes them.

So you can see it is pretty easy to have hundreds of fish and keep everything straight. I have tried other markers but they do not mark as well and leave a little residue behind. If you get marks that won’t come off just color over them with more marker and it will dissolve and wipe off easily. I prefer the black as easier for my eyes to see.. but I also purchase a three pack with blue and red. Compared to other methods I tried for keeping everybody straight.. this is by far the easiest and the markers last even me and all my fish for months.

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