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We have been busy taking pictures and getting fish loaded up on Aquabid. There are several young spawns about 5 weeks that are coming on like gang busters and I need room for them to grow out so the older fish need to go! The brilliant royal blue male to the left here in only one of our metallic males for sale. Check out our fish for sale here.


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New Import

Love the color on this male.. just bought him on AquaBid. Got to check with the breeder to see when he will be exported to the states. I have several yellow and an orange female waiting for him when he gets here. This is the first time buying from this breeder so looking forward to seeing this fish up close and breeding him. Some Thai breeders seem to produce fish that are easier to breed than others.. will keep you posted.

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New Spawns

Three and a half week old betta fry
Three and a half week old betta fry

We have had a breeding blitz and have several new spawns. Some of the older ones are close to 4 weeks now and starting to color up. Here are some of our upcoming spawns.Blue/Yellow DT Male Betta

Spawn 32 – We imported a huge yellow/blue DT male. I crossed him to a pineapple female and got a spawn I loved every fish in. I crossed him back to a blue/yellow daughter and am looking forward to some very nice bicolored fish. I am also looking to fix the traits I loved so much in his off spring. We got a small spawn but they are looking good.BLue/Yellow DT

Spawn 33 – DT Black  x black female. Both these fish are mostly black with more iridescence that I want or can be shown. But, they are what I have and we are working with it. Female is very typy and has a great 180 spread tail with good edges. They could be a bit sharper but overall good. Dad is shorter bodied than I would like but he is a double tail so will add broader dorsal bases. And, he is from my breeding so I know what is in the line. These two were the blackest fish I had so we crossed the best form in the darkest coloring. We also have another cross to a charcoal colored dt male and the same female to hopefully improve the color. I am seeing several nice single tails in there with the broader dorsal bases so looking forward to the next few weeks as they develop. The blacks seem to take a while to really get good color so it may be more than a few weeks.

Spawn 34 – Steel x Royal. I love this steel male. Big, huge dorsal with great shape, nice 180 spread with good edges and an anal fin that is shaped well and in proportion to the rest of the fins. I’d like a tad more length to the tail to be in better balance.. but overall this is a nice male. He took first place the first show of the season and as soon as I got him home he went into a spawn tank with a royal female that also took first in the same show. We did not get a large spawn so repeated it a few weeks later. I am hoping for steels and royals with great form out of this cross.
Spawn 35 –  I got this multi female from Karen McAuley. She is a top breeder here in the states and her fish have great strong branching and I was looking to add in the ray strength and solid 180 spreads her fish have to the nice dorsals my line has established. I crossed her to a fairly dark male and got a nice blue/yellow bicolored male. He had nice length of fins and the sharp-edged 180 spread common in Karens fish. Still needed dorsal improvement so I crossed him to a blue/yellow female out of the blue/yellow dt above. She has a broad dorsal base and good length of fins so should be a nice compliment to the male. So far the 3 week fry are looking to give me the characteristics I desired.. I’m seeing broad dorsal bases and long straight edges on the tails.
Spawn 36 – A repeat of Spawn 34 above.
I still want to get a yellow female bred and I have a copper black spawn I am waiting to see if I get anything out of. Got one more show and then convention.. but for me.. breeding the next generation and watching them grow is what I enjoy most about Bettas.

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