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Here are the results of the California Show.. we did not do too bad.

Show Host California Betta Society
Show Type International
Date 8/21/2010
Judges Joe Cooper, David Spector, Eryn Rosenbaum, Larissa Williams
Apprentice Judges Britt Coffman

Group A: Regular Classes Area 1 2010 – 2011 Total Entries In Class
Division A1
: Halfmoon Non-iridescent Dark Solid Color ST Name 1st Place Name 2nd Place Name 3rd Place
A1. Red STM Eryn Rosenbaum Eryn Rosenbaum Eryn Rosenbaum 5
A2. Black STM Pat Henry Pat Henry Pat Henry 3
A3. Red or Black STF Jonathon Limhengco Jonathon Limhengco Eryn Rosenbaum 5

Division A2: Halfmoon Iridescent Dark Solid Color ST Name 1st Place Name 2nd Place Name 3rd Place
A4. Blue STM Jonathon Limhengco Pat Henry 2
A5. Steel STM Pat Henry 1
A6. Green / Turquoise STM Sherolyn & Reno Sherolyn & Reno Sherolyn & Reno  3
A7. Blue STF Jonathon Limhengco Eryn Rosenbaum Eryn Rosenbaum 9
A8. Steel STF Eryn Rosenbaum Eryn Rosenbaum Pat Henry 4
A9. Green / Turquoise STF Eryn Rosenbaum Eryn Rosenbaum Pat Henry 4

Division A3: Halfmoon Light Solid Color ST Name 1st Place Name 2nd Place Name 3rd Place A10. Clear / Yellow / Orange STM Eryn Rosenbaum 1
A11. Clear / Yellow / Orange STF Pat Henry Pat Henry Pat Henry 3
A12. Opaque / Pastel STM Jay Keating 1
A13. Opaque / Pastel STF Jonathon Limhengco Jay Keating Jay Keating 3
Division A4: Halfmoon Metallic Dark or Light Solid Color ST Name 1st Place Name 2nd Place Name 3rd Place
A14. Metallic Dark Solid STM Jonathon Limhengco Sherolyn & Reno Sherolyn & Reno 5
A15. Metallic Light Solid STM Hermanus Haryanto Peurmsak Komarajri/Dinesh Shete 2
A16. Metallic Dark Solid STF Laddayu Limprasert/Dinesh Shete Jonathon Limhengco Eryn Rosenbaum 13
A17. Metallic Light Solid STF Jonathon Limhengco Sherolyn & Reno 2
Division A5: Halfmoon Patterned ST Name 1st Place Name 2nd Place Name 3rd Place
A18. Multicolor STM Karen MacAuley Jay Keating Karen MacAuley 6
A19. Multicolor STF Jay Keating Karen MacAuley Jay Keating 13
A20. Dark Body Bicolor STM Peurmsak Komarajri/Dinesh Shete Karen MacAuley Michael Randall 5
A21. Light Body Bicolor STM Pat Henry Pat Henry 3
A22. Dark Body / Light Body Bicolor STF Jonathon Limhengco Joe & Amy Becerra Kit Wachara/Dinesh Shete 16
A23. Butterfly STM Kit Wachara/Dinesh Shete Karen MacAuley Jonathon Limhengco 9
A24. Butterfly STF Michael Randall Jay Keating Michael Randall 3
A25. Marble / Grizzle STM Karen MacAuley Sherolyn & Reno Jay Keating 6
A26. Marble / Grizzle STF Joe & Amy Becerra Pat Henry Michael Randall 7
Division B: Halfmoon DT Name 1st Place Name 2nd Place Name 3rd Place
B1. Dark Solid Color DTM Pat Henry Pat Henry 2
B2. Light Solid Color DTM 0
B3. Dark or Light Solid Color DTF Pat Henry Pat Henry 2
B4. Metallic Dark or Light DTM 0
B5. Metallic Dark or Light DTF 0
B6. Patterned DTM Michael Randall Jonathon Limhengco Pat Henry 4
B7. Patterned DTF Jonathon Limhengco Michael Randall Michael Randall 5

Division C: Crowntail ST Name 1st Place Name 2nd Place Name 3rd Place
C1. Dark Solid Color STM Hermanus Haryanto Hermanus Haryanto Jay Keating 5
C2. Light Solid Color STM 0
C3. Dark or Light Solid Color STF Jay Keating Jay Keating Jay Keating 4
C4. Patterned STM Hermanus Haryanto Hermanus Haryanto Jay Keating 4
C5. Patterned STF Jay Keating Michael Randall Michael Randall 6
Division D: Shortfin ST Name 1st Place Name 2nd Place Name 3rd Place
D1. Traditional Plakat Male Michael Randall Michael Randall Michael Randall 7
D2. Show Plakat Dark Solid Color Male Hermanus Haryanto 1
D3. Show Plakat Light Solid Color Male 0
D4. Show Plakat Patterned Male Hermanus Haryanto Yvonne Chaban Hermanus Haryanto 3
D5. Halfmoon Shortfin Solid Color Male 0
D6. Halfmoon Shortfin Patterned Male Hermanus Haryanto Jay Keating 2
D7. Traditional Plakat Female (any color or pattern) Michael Randall Michael Randall Michael Randall 9
D8. Show Plakat Female (any color or pattern) Joe & Amy Becerra Joe & Amy Becerra Joe & Amy Becerra 7

TRIAL CLASS Name 1st Place Name 2nd Place Name 3rd Place
D9. Doubletail Plakat Male (any color or pattern) 0
Division E: Breeders Division *Note: For pairs total the number of entries in each class, not the number of fish. Class winners in E Division are considerd for BOV appropriate to their respective gender and variety.
E1. Color or Form Variations Pat Henry 1
E2. Form and Finnage Michael Randall Michael Randall Eryn Rosenbaum 5
E3. Pairs* Sherolyn & Reno 2
Division F: Wild Type Betta Pairs Name 1st Place Name 2nd Place Name 3rd Place
(Not Eligible for BOS)
F1 Small / Large Bubblenesters* Hermanus Haryanto (B. rutilans) Ryan Grisso (B. burdigala) Hermanus Haryanto (B. bellica) 5
F2 Small / Large Mouthbrooders* Hermanus Haryanto (B. strohi) Hermanus Haryanto (B. patoti) 2

Best of Variety Name & Class Winner
Halfmoon ST Male Peurmsak Komarajri/Dinesh Shete – A20
Halfmoon ST Female Laddayu Limprasert/Dinesh Shete – A16
Halfmoon DT Male Michael Randall – B6
Halfmoon DT Female Jonathon Limhengco – B7
Crowntail Male Hermanus Haryanto – C1
Crowntail Female Jay Keating – C5
Shortfin Male Hermanus Haryanto – D4
Shortfin Female Michael Randall – D7

Best of Show Name & Class Winner
BOS Male Hermanus Haryanto – C1
BOS Female Laddayu Limprasert/Dinesh Shete – A16

Division G: Optional Classes (Not counted as Regular Entries)
(Not Eligible for BOS.) Name 1st Place Name 2nd Place Name 3rd Place
G1 Photography Joe & Amy Becerra Larissa Williams Larissa Williams 5
G2 Illustration 0
G3 Crafts 0

Group B: New Breeder Classes Name 1st Place Name 2nd Place Name 3rd Place
NB-1 Singletail Male Roberta Jordan 1
NB-2 Doubletail Male 0
NB-3 Crowntail Male 0
NB-4 Plakat Male 0
NB-5 Singletail Female 0
NB-6 Doubletail Female 0

New Breeder Best of Show Name & Class of Winner
BOS Male Roberta Jordan – NB-1
BOS Female

Show Information Number of Entrants Number of Entries Number of Fish
Regular Classes 210 219
Optional Classes 5 0
New Breeder Classes 1 1
Show Totals 14 216 220

CBS Show Optional Awards
Reserve Best of Variety Name & Class Winner
Reserve Halfmoon ST Male Hermanus Haryanto – A15
Reserve Halfmoon ST Female Eryn Rosenbaum – A8
Reserve Halfmoon DT Male Pat Henry – B1
Reserve Halfmoon DT Female Pat Henry – B3
ReserveCrowntail Male Jay Keating – C3
Reserve Crowntail Female Hermanus Haryanto – C4
Reserve Shortfin Male Hermanus Haryanto – D2
Reserve Shortfin Female Joe & Amy Becerra – D8
Judge’s Choice Joe & Amy Becerra – A26 “Bumblebee Betta”

Reserve Best of Show Name & Class Winner
Reserve BOS Male Jay Keating – C5
Reserve BOS Female Peurmsak Komarajri/Dinesh Shete – A20


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Import for an Outcross

Trying something new on the blog.. video. This is a new fish we are importing and it should be here later this week. We also got a sister. Our plans are to cross him with his sib as well as some females we have in our own spawns that are yellow.

This color on a Betta is called Pineapple. The scales are edged in black so I guess they look like a pineapple does. When looking for an outcross, I want to make sure what I have already established or am working on is not lost in the cross. We have been adding in wider dorsal bases and really watching for sharp, clean edges on the caudal or tails. This guy has nice, long outer rays on his tail that make for the sharper edge. Shorter rays give a more rounded look to the tail edge. I was also impressed with his dorsal. It has a nice shape and is not very different from what we are breeding.. and it has good width. He will be crossed with a female that carries the wider bases so I expect some very nice fish from the cross. We will also cross to his sister to see what that may produce. Come Spring I hope to have fish for a few other classes.

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First Show of the Season

We bagged and boxed up 17 fish yesterday and sent them to California for the first show of the season with the California Betta Society. If you are in the area check out the show. It is a real treat to see so many nice fish and if you are looking to get into Bettas, you can get some very nice stock without paying all the shipping fees. Raising and showing Bettas is a lot of fun and the people involved are really great.

Since we lost so many young fish in our move, this will be the first time we have our fish come back home to us. Shipping the fish is the expense in showing fish and we like to let them go to support the clubs hosting the shows as well as earn a few dollars to offset the cost of entries and shipping to the show. These fish are going to have to do several shows if we are to get any points this fall.  We hope to place in the top 10 this year so need to participate in as many shows as possible. We are breeding now for the Spring half of the season.

There are very few fish now in the fish room so we got the new barracks up and running and added a few fish to help it cycle. We have had the water recirculating through the pump and into the filter for about a week now.. but don’t want to over load the filter as it builds up the bacteria for biological filtration. So, we are adding a few fish here and there to get it up to full speed. I will have some more pictures of the system as I get time to get them online.

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Bettas being Bettas

I got a new camera a while back and am still trying to learn to really use it. Bettas are a real pain to get a good photograph of as they can really move making it difficult to keep them in frame and focus. Plus, trying to get the lighting correct so the photos actually reflect the real beauty of the fish seems to elude me at this time. So, I got lucky with this male flaring at his own reflection in a mirror behind his tank.

I love the fireball personality of these fish. They are so cute when they first get that ‘tude’ and start flaring and scrapping with each other. Some spawns can live together peaceably for many months.. others get about 8 weeks then just get mean. If you keep bettas you need to be ready for when ever this time comes and start removing the males into their own space.

The attitude can be different with colors as well as lines. Reds and the Dragons are notorious for being ornery and mean and whites seem to be quite mellow. As a breeder I love the really bad boys and hesitate to breed any fish that is mellow no matter how nice his form is. To me there should be a complete package of form and style. The females are not exempt.. and many of them can put the boys to shame. I have one now I call Shredder. She has stripped 2 males of finnage that did not get busy with the breeding process. Can’t wait to get fry from her.

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