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Spawn 13

Our 13th spawn is coming of age.. and the boys are needing jarred. These guys are about 3 months old. This cross was from a female from our line outcrossed to a male we got at the IBC convention last year. He is Royal Blue and had huge fins.. especially the broader dorsal bases we are trying to establish in out line. This little female we pulled by accident. She was squabbling with another fish and so we pulled her thinking she was a male.

As you can see, he dorsal has the broader dorsal base that is needed to show these days.  Though still developing she is nice and balanced. I like her anal fin being pretty much level. Her tail needs to come along and get 180.. but she is showing some branching so may get there yet.

And here is one of the boys. There is good and bad about this fella. Topline has a dip behind the eyes I do not like. His anal fin is also tapered longer towards the rear.. we would like to see this more even. He is flipping his dorsal a bit, but we do have a broader base. The dorsal shape is a bit different from what my line throws so we will wait and see how it matures out. For the first time I am also getting red wash next to the body and red ventral fins. Nothing that affects the form, but all else being equal, he will be penalized for it at the shows. The Blue, Green and Turquoise classes are always well represented so these boys need to be as close to perfect as we can get.


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Well, life has a way of getting you busy. I am in the process of getting ready to move from Ohio back to Texas around the end of July. We have thinned the fish room down considerably in preparation. But, we have made arrangements to keep our lines going.

 Rocket and Pearl went to a show in Michigan a few weeks ago and neither were feeling good so did not show well. But their sisters really did well. A nice blue female took a very close second to the female that was BOS.. and her multi colored sister also took second in her class as well. We had a nice copper red pair that took second in their class and some nice third place finishes as well.

As soon as we got back from that show we put the blue female in a spawn tank with Rocket and got a very nice sized spawn. Pearl was still a bit off but I threw him in a spawn tank with the multi female and got a large spawn the day after Rockets. We did a cross to combine two lines and also got a spawn from that. So.. here we are with 3 brand new spawns and trying to time a move so we are in Texas before they need jarring. To increase the chance of these lines surviving I took Rocket, Pearl and the 2 females to a fellow breeder. He will also breed the fish and hopefully we will both have nice fish. I am counting on at least one of us having fish to show and breed in the Fall.

Two weeks after the Michigan show we sent siblings of the above fish to the Georgia show. My philosophy in breeding fish is to not only produce fish to breed.. but also to show. And, I expect more than one or two show quality fish in a spawn. I also am not into paying to have fish shipped back home. So, out of any spawn I choose the best to breed.. then start looking at who is showable for the next show. And after the show I allow the fish to be auctioned off. Sure.. I might be selling a winning fish.. but I have made my choice of breeders. I feel this allows another breeder to obtain a quality fish for their breeding program and it makes me produce a certain level of quality in my fish. It is one thing to have a few nice fish that you send to shows several times to get points.. and another thing to get points from different fish at each show. So far I am in the top 15 my first year showing a lot of different fish.  

At the Georgia show we did well. Our green females took second and third and our Turks took first and third. We got thirds with both Blue and green males. This spawn threw a lot of nice patterned fish. The two Butterfly patterned fish we sent took first and second.. and the marbles took first and second as well. We sent a double tail female from an earlier spawn and she took first and the copper red pair took second. All in all a nice showing.

I am hoping once we get moved, settled in and producing fish again to establish consistent placings at the shows. My goal is to get a BOS fish by next fall. With convention coming in June, we will see how our breeding stacks up to the best of the best. I have the traits I desire in fish I am breeding.. it is time to fix those traits solidly into our line.

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