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More pictures of favorite males

Rocket.. my favorite.. is really looking good. Looking forward to breeding him. Only a few of the females in this spawn have the broader dorsal bases.. and they are marble. I’d so much like a nice, solid blue or green girl to pair up with Rocket. We will probably cross him into some females in the accident spawn to bring the better balanced fins into that line.

We are calling this boy The Black Pearl.. yes, we are Pirates of the Caribbean fans. My copper male is Captain Jack. These boys have hit the required 1.5″ in length they need to show. Rocket just got there. Still got a couple weeks before the show so all the fish from this spawn are on 90% water changes and 3-4 feedings with a variety of foods each and every day.

 The females we pulled are also being made ready for the show.. but they are more mellow than the boys right now. They have been carded to get them a bit more feisty.


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Mad about Marbles

Here is my first Grizzle. He has continued to loose color on his body and the cool, gray smudges on his fins have been reduced as well. I had some other fish that lost all color but a few dots and at about 1 year of age, most of the color came back. I like to show my fish at 4 to 6 months of age.. so having an interesting and attractive pattern would be nice at that age. Hopefully, he will regain some of his color as we enter into our Spring show season. I had earmarked him for the shows and he still has enough color to show in the patterned classes.

Here is the same fish a few weeks ago. And this picture did not do him justice. The blue and blackish smuge pattern was very dark and attractive. Even the black on his ventras is now gone.  Aside from color he is typical for his age.. still not mature in his finage. He does have a nice dorsal base with the extra rays and when flared, this boy does go 180. His anal is getting a tad long though and I’d like to see less slope as it goes towards the tail. He will be attending his first show in a few weeks so we will see how well he does.

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My pick from Spawn 11

This guy has been my favorite out of out 11th spawn. He has a few extra rays in his dorsal, giving it a nice, broad base. Though  young, he has nice balance. His dorsal comes up and sweeps around right into his tail. I’d like a bit more length there, but it really is not bad for his age. He is not even in full flare and you can see lots of fin. His anal fin is a bit long.. but the shape is good being fairly level rather than elongating into more of a point towards his tail. His anal is not extremely long compared to some of the other fish we have. I’d like to see those fins without the white edges.. but those edges keep changing. Sometimes more white, sometimes less. There is Marble in the line so maybe he will eventually settle down and color up. We have called this guy Rocket because of his attitude and tendency to go everywhere fast.

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