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Spawn 10 Update

Our 10th spawn is coming along nicely. This guy was all full of himself after a water change and snack. He is the neatest color. Copper with enough red wash to have pinkish purple tints to his fins, a butterfly pattern that is not clean so he has a ‘splashed’ look to him. He is starting to get some nice balance though this photo does not really show it.

We get a few of these ‘splash’ type bettas. They have a butterfly pattern yet have the color dragged into the white. Not clean enough to do well in the butterfly classes as there are always nicely patterned fish there, but still a very attractive fish to watch and enjoy. The remind me of the pari-colored poodles. This male is a nice dark copper that sets off the white and splash pattern very nicely.

Though most of the fish in this spawn are copper, we did get a few other colors. This is one of them. I’m going to have to get a better picture of him because he is actually a soft blue with pink in his fins. Reminds me of the colors for babies. Show wise this fish has a lot of red wash.. but we will watch him grow out and check for form. As a breeder we are always looking for the fish with the best form.. color can always be straightened out in the coming generations.
Overall this spawn is turning out nice for one we did not plan. It also crosses all three foundation fish we had. The males have great branching in their fins and so far, all have gone a full 180 for half moon. The females we are still watching.  There are some very pretty blue and white marble females that I hope will have enough branching to get to 180 as well. The female siblings to the father all had great tails and the mother not only had a nice tail, but she threw that trait in other spawns. A few more weeks and we are going to pick out our fish for the first show of the season.


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Spawn 11 Update

This is Rocket. He is the second male we pulled from out 11th spawn. Full 180 tail, broad dorsal base and except for that bit of missing color on his anal fins.. very nicely colored. He is a little fireball and difficult to get a nice picture of. So far I like him well enough to breed, so not sure he will be shown unless I can hand carry him in. Just too nice to take a chance on loosing.

Another dark metallic.. this one black with green over the top. He is another really nice male. We made this cross looking for a broader dorsal base. We are pleased that most of the males are showing this trait. This boy is not as balanced as Rocket.. but we will see what a few more weeks gives.

This is my first Grizzle. Though he looks bright blue he is softer colored in person.. and has a real cool look about him. The blue and black smudgy look on a betta body and fins makes a very attractive fish. Again, nice dorsal base, full 180 and he has some good balance.

We got several metallic blue males and this boy we just recently  pulled. Still looking a bit young and unbalanced, a few weeks of good feeding and daily water changes will make a difference in his fins. We’d like to see the anal fin more even from front to back and not slanting from front to back.

We also got some Metallic green color too. I love the green color so am hoping this one develops into something we can breed. So far he is looking the dorsal and clean color. We will see what the next couple weeks do for him. He may also be one we send to the shows.

This is the first girl we pulled. Usually we let them all hang out in the grow out tanks, but we need some for the shows and they have better deportment when they get their own space. I would like a bit more color and branching in the tail, but she is still young and off to a good start. She has little spikes all over the edges of her fins and almost makes  you think she has some crowntail in her.. but I think those fins just have some more growing to do.

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