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Also on the agenda for the weekend are getting some of our Crowntails photographed and on AquaBid for sale. I will also get then on the web site and post the link. The starting bid will be $14 and the buy now price will be $15. You can add a female for $12 and if you want a nice male and don’t mind some torn fins you can add him for $5. The only fish I will photograph will be the first male. The add ons will be my choice.. and I don’t have time to try to get pics of them. They are all siblings and are Copper Red. Many of the males are showing double double rays.

Update: I did get a couple up on the web site.. check them out HERE. I’m still learning the camera and how to resize the photos for the web.


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This weekend we are cleaning out containers. Since I don’t have the fish room all together, I have been taking containers downstairs to clean and bleach. A lot of time and trips up and down stairs. Today we are doing it a bit different. I brought a bucket of very warm water with a lot of salt in it upstairs. The fish got put in a small container while their condo was emptied, scrubbed with the salt solution and refilled. Any residue salt will not hurt the fish and it will help sterilize. To scrub with out scratching I use the sponge from a small sponge filter. I  have found the texture will removed the fuzzy stuff you get in Betta containers without being so abrasive you scratch up the containers. You can also push  it into the corners to get them clean as well. Salt and bleach are tough on the hands.. so after I’m done I treat myself to some of my hand-made Body Butter. Shea, Cocoa and Mango butters blended to make one heck of a skin treatment.

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Spawn 10 – October 16 – Update

This spawn was my accident. See the parents HERE. I was treating 2 fish for fin issues. The male was in a mesh net in a 10 gallon with a female. He jumped out and the next morning I came into a spawn. So she was removed and I did not expect much from them because of the medications. Well, we got a decent sized spawn.. maybe 40 fish.. and they all have a nice metallic sheen to them. I have blues, greens, coppers, platinums and some creamy colored ones. This guy is one of the Coppers. Real cute but the Butterfly pattern is not very clean right now. Since the fins grow from the bottom.. I could have a better pattern in a few months. Time will tell.

Another Copper colored male. Again, we have a Butterfly pattern that is not very clean. The colored area is bleeding into the white band. And this guy has a lot of red wash in his fins. But, his tail has the first rays on the edges long and straight.. and he appears to have a few additional rays on his dorsal, making a  nice wide base. I’d like to see the first 2 rays of his dorsal longer.. but we will see how he turns out. Though not ideally colored for a show fish.. in person he is very attractive with the shadings of Copper, pink and lavender.

OK.. this is not the best angle.. and the lighting kinda sucks. These guys are in my larger 1 gallon containers with rounded corners and a kinda opaque rather than clear color to them. The containers do not make the best place for photographing Bettas so we have to live with photos like this. Anyway.. this is a lighter Copper. His color reminds me of a Buckskin color..creamy with black edging. His tail is a bit different shaped but look at the branching. I’d like to see cleaner and sharper edges on his tail.. and less red wash. But not bad for about 3 months.

Finally, a color besides the Copper. This guy is a very nice green and, if he does not lose more color, he will be patterned nicely for the shows. He even has a very nice Butterfly pattern on his fins. He wasn’t in the mood to Flare today. I will try to get more pics of him at a later time.

In person, this fellow is a very pretty fish! He is a shinny Platinum with smokey black smudges in his fins. His fins have curled some with the 2 weeks vacation and lack of water changes. That is too bad .. I don’t think I can reverse the damage. The top of his dorsal and his tail have curled rays.. and I have some bending in the anal fin as well. Even with the curling he has a nice balance.  Again, I have a color that is not easy to fit into show categories.. but is none the less a very attractive combination.

I love this 3 month age. The boys are just coming into themselves and the fins are changing every week. Although the girls come along nice at this age too.. the boys, with their new found attitudes and developing fins make for a lot of interest in the fish room.

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Spawn 11 – Oct 23 – Update

A little updating on my 11th spawn. They are almost 3 months old. To see the parents check out my web site.

This was the first male I pulled from the spawn. Before I went on vacation I jarred up the bigger boys to avoid any ripped fins while I was gone. He was pretty much a dark green color when I left. And now look.. the Marble gene is pulling color. If he stops loosing color at this point, he will be nicely patterned for the shows. I love the nice, broad dorsal base on him. This is what I was looking for when I crossed the parents. His tail is pretty much a full Halfmoon. Overall he is turning out to be very nice.

This little guy is the third male.. “C”. He is not as big as the previous male and is a much brighter green color. He also has a Marble pattern with a decent Butterfly pattern on the fins. Again I have the wider dorsal base and a little better balance.. at least right now. Who knows when he gets to the size of his brother.

This is my favorite male so far from this spawn.. “B”. He is always ripping around his container and flaring.. except when I tried to get a picture. He moves so fast it is difficult to really get a good shot of him. He is a beautiful, brilliant blue and has a full Halfmoon tail.. and just look at that dorsal. I’m not real crazy about the white edges on his fins. It is not enough to be a Butterfly and he will get dinged for it in the classes for blues. But I love him anyway. He will definitely be bred. I’m not so sure I want to ship him across the country to shows. I may just hand carry him in to the ones  I attend. Hopefully he will be a contender for placing at the convention this year.

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Back from Vacation

We are back from visiting family for the holidays and the fish room survived. Nothing like a few hundred fish to make taking a vacation more of a chore than a good time. My friend at the meat processing business is into Bettas. She has a couple of my boys to keep her company so is familiar with what a happy Betta looks like. I was going to be gone for two weeks so it was important to have someone that knew enough if something was going wrong to do something about it.

With the length of time I was going to be gone, I was doing daily water changes and scrubbing out containers to make sure everybody was real healthy and had a clean home. Everybody was being fed real good and a week before I lightened  up the feeding schedule on the adults to only single feedings. I was scheduled to leave Christmas Eve [Thursday] and the Saturday before I found I had no water in my building. So, I called another business and I was told the city was working on a main and the water was off. I was also told when it came back on we had to boil water for a few days. What the heck??!!!  I had all these water changes to do. I decided not to change out the water that night and see when I could use the water again.

Monday I called the water company and was told I needed to boil water untill Tuesday evening.. by then everything should be ok. Water changes take a couple hours and I was leaving Thursday. That left only two water changes.. if I was lucky.. before leaving. The local radio station informed everybody Tuesday afternoon the water was indeed ok once again. So, I changed water and refilled my holding containers [two 30 gallon trash cans on wheels]. Once again Wednesday I did water changes and filled up the containers so I would have water ready to change once we returned. Water would also be available if any containers needed topping off or a change out.

I had my  fish sitter feed my adults only three times while I was gone, about every fourth day. They were in good enough shape it would not hurt them and it would reduce the wastes in the water, hopefully getting them through the entire 2 weeks without too much harm. I was more afraid of the water than lack of food for the fish.

My young show fish I put in as large a container as possible. I had them fed once a day but very lightly. I looked at all my young fish and pulled any males and put them also in the largest containers I had. They might be getting along now.. but in two weeks I may have shredded fins. Better safe than sorry, especially for show fish. The grow out tanks all have sponge filters and I had them fed once a day also.

A big concern was I had a new spawn of week old fry. Next year I hope to plan better.. but the fish refused to spawn earlier when I would have preferred to have them spawn. Ideally I would have liked them to be at least a month old for leaving like this. I showed the sitter how to hatch and harvest brine shrimp. I made the job simple by premeasuring salt and shrimp eggs into little zip lock bags and marking a water fill line on the container. I had her feed the shrimp once a day and showed her the micro worms and how to harvest them if she did not get a good hatch on the shrimp. I also had her add some yeast to the micro worm cultures every few days to keep them going.

The white worms  got fed a bunch of ground oatmeal stirred throughout the soil and misted. Then they went on auto pilot. When I got back I still had a lot of worms.. but not big fat ones. So this past week I have done nothing but feed them and they are starting to produce again. I will probably start harvesting them again next week. They sat in my work area in the shop. I probably could have put them in the receiving area where the temps are a bit cooler. It may have slowed their growth and metabolism a bit and been better for them. Will see next year.

When we got back we found we had lost 5 fish. All the babies and the youngsters in the larger containers and grow outs did just fine. The adults, as can be imagined, needed water changes badly. A few adults had velvet and some fin issues due to the bad water conditions. The adults are currently on a 90%  daily water change for two days, then a day off while I change out the grow outs. I also have copper in the water to help with any of the velvet issues. I will do this probably for another week just to make sure I got everything. Overall, the fish room did ok and everybody is looking good now that we are back on schedule. Unless you have a fellow hobbiest, it is difficult to leave this many fish and not expect some loss. I had to make some fish a priority and others just had to tough it out. 

When ever you need to leave your fish in the care of another, the best advice is keep it simple and write it all down. What seems mundane to you may be very complicated to your friend. I am lucky to have someone that likes and is familier with my fish. The kid next door may not be. Protect what you’d hate to loose the most and be prepared for the worst. By the end of next year I hope to have the fish room set up so someone can feed my fish and also do water changes by flipping a switch. In designing my water change system, I am planning for the yearly fish sitter I will need so I can visit family for the holidays. My goal is to be able to enjoy my time away and have my fish hardly know I am gone.

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