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White Worms

A good White Worm culture will provide a steady and nutritious daily meal for your Bettras or other tropical fish. I started with a half dead sample I bought on Aquabid. I can’t fault the seller for the quality of the worms.. it was very hot when they were shipped and I did not have a container ready for them. The day I got them I headed to Wal-Mart and got a plastic container like the one on the left. I also picked up some potting soil that had no fertilizer or moisture beads in it. Not quite as easy to find as you’d imagine.. seems every thing these days has stuff added in for plant growth. I added about 2″ of soil to the container and took a mister and misted and turned the dirt until it was just a bit moist. You don’t want wet soil.

The culture needs to be covered.. but you do want some air flow. I took a thin nail, heated it in a candle flame, and burned a few holes in the top. If you get your holes too big you will have gnats in your culture as well. If you end up with holes that are to big, get some of those round dot stickers.. or any label sticker.. and cover the holes you made. Them come back with a pin and make holes in the paper you covered the hole with.

I added my few surviving worms to a spot I dug out of the soil and sprinkled some powdered oatmeal on top. I misted the oatmeal to moisten it and put the entire thing in a dark stairway leading to the basement. Every day I pulled the container out and checked the food. There were worms working on it so I used a spoon to kinda stir them up and dug another hole and added more oatmeal, spritzed with water to moisten then put them back in the stairway.

It took several months of daily feeding to get where I thought I could start feeding a few worms here and there. So, every once in a while I would treat my fish to a white worm meal. They loved them and I finally was seeing my worm culture producing some good harvests.

In a short time I was able to feed one white worm meal a day to close to 300 Bettas. I then started another culture as I’d heard they could crash and a back up would be nice. So, while I could daily harvest one culture, the other was being turned and fed daily. I now have three cultures going with two of them producing daily harvest of worms.

My first culture is now about 7 months old. There is no smell and it has yet to crash or reduce production. But I also work my worm cultures at least every other day. By work the cultures I feed and flip them even if I do not harvest any worms from them. I keep a spoon in each culture and I flip and turn the soil, bringing up the worms and keeping air in the soil. I even dig out the corners. The soil is kept moist by an occasional misting if dry. If it gets too wet I add powdered oatmeal and mix it through the dirt. In time the yucky dirt that I put in the box has been turned into a nice, loamy type soil.

For the most part I have fed the worms oatmeal that I have run through a coffee grinder and powdered. They have also been fed old flake food I got when I bought some used aquariums as well as stale bread that I allowed to dry and chopped up. When I rejuvenate my micro worm cultures, the stuff I remove from them goes into the white worm culture and any cat food that ends up in the water bowl also seems to be quickly consumed by the worms. For just a few minutes a day you too can provide you fish with a delicious live treat they will enjoy.


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