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american aquarium productsMost breeders of Bettas use sponge filters in the tanks they raise their fry in. I use them in my 30 gallon grow out tanks as well as doing every other day water changes. While searching the web for a place to purchase them, I came across this article about sponge filters and it is so good I have to pass it along.

American Aquarium Products

After you read the article, head to the main page and read through some of the other information they have compiled. I have not spent much time on the site yet, but have read and watched videos of giving a medicated bath, have explored some medications and will look into water parameters. It will be a good site to bookmark and check out on a regular basis.


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Copper CrownTails

ct3My son’s Crowntail spawn is coming of age and turning out nice. We have pulled a little over 80 males so far.. and there at least that many females and more developing males in the growout. We ended up going to a local GFS store and purchasing the larger deli cups just to house these guys temporarily. We turned the lights out one night and the next morning half the males were chewed up. Seems the testosterone had busted loose overnight.. and we scrambled to get that many fish into indevidual jars.. QUICK!


All of them are this copper color pictured. There are variations in the amount of branching in the tails and the length of the spikes.. but overall they are pretty much all the same. Kinda gives you a headach trying to find the ones you like in the grouwout. Already we have a couple males we would like to breed, now we are watching the females to find branching and spread in the fins to cross with the boys.

ct4 My son has been showing in the IBC New Breeder classes and doing very well. This afternoon, in Texas, his Crowntails were entered into the regualr classes. Time to see how his fish stack up against the Big Boys. As I write this we are awaiting the posting of the class winners. He choose the fish he wanted to send so we will see how good his eye is.

reno1This is the father of the spawn. I had imported some Halfmoons from Thailand and my son wanted to import some Crowntails. He got his wish as a reward for some good schoolwork and this is the fish he choose. We asked for a female sibling from the breeder. None was available but he sent a very deep bodied metallic blue/black female that he said would be a nice cross. She was so deep bodied we were concerned she could not be wrapped. Buy Henry finally found a way and we have a spawn close to 200. I would have liked to have a few closer to the father color.. but maybe the next cross.

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