Basement Bettas

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Betta Barracks

1On the previous post I touched on the barracks we plan to use. We made them out of Plexiglass and they are designed to allow water to flow through them. The partitions between the Bettas do not go completely to the bottom. Instead, there is a bit of a gap that allows water to flow through into the next cell. Next to each partition is a smaller partition that is glued to the bottom. They are about 1″ in height and are placed about .25″ away from the larger partition. Water comes under the larger partition and is directed up by this smaller partition. I know.. I need to get some pictures.

Using the two partitions keeps the current from washing fins under and into the next cell. It also seems to circulate the water better. The first one we made the partitions were too far apart and the smaller one was too big. Everybody has done great.. but we will see how the design change affects the flow.

On the left side of the picture there is a smaller compartment in the barracks. This is where water comes in. As the water flows through each cell, it ends up in the final chamber, also smaller, and flows out a 1/2″ pvc coupling. That long hose is attached to a nipple of sorts to channel the water, for now, into a bucket. In time, each of the barracks will empty into a drain tube that joins into a main drain that will dump into the bathroom drain. Right now I am designing out the down drains and hopefully next year, when it is warmer, we can tie everything into the main bathroom drain.

For a while, we will fill each barrack with water by hand by pumping it out of our 32 gallon trash can on wheels. Eventually, the aged water at the end of the shelves will automatically pump water into pipes that will flow into the barracks and we will be able to change water out without having to do anything but flip a switch.

Is this a fill and forget system? No. We have found you still have to come along and siphon the gunk that does not seem to get out. Using IAL in my water means fine, particulate matter floating around that eventually leaves a fuzzy coating on things. I am still trying to figure out how to clean between the two partitions.. need to find a small bristle to stick in there to knock stuff loose. Maybe a pipe cleaner.. The point being no system is a set and forget. Each one means maintenance. My thing was I did not want to recirculate water and deal with filtration and possible disease in the entire system. Hopefully, if I do get disease, it will be confined to just one barrack.

Other considerations is being able to shut water off to a barrack and the ability to remove it for cleaning. I want nothing permanently attached. I will continue to use flexible hose to drain.. but it will stick into a ‘T’ that is in the drain. I still need to have floor work done so everything will need the ability to break down and be moved if necessary. I am also toying with the idea of making the barracks wider.. say 8″. My shelves are 18″ wide so the 6″ barracks is not using much space. I had wanted 8″ wide shelves but they would have been double the cost of these. Down the center of the room I  can put two barracks per rack and be able to view the fish from either side.. along the wall I can not. I’m not real fond of peering through a tank to view the guy behind. Oh well, will just have to play it by ear.


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