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Snail Eggs

snail eggsI have two large blue Mystery Snails. They were in separate fry tanks and did an awesome job keeping the bottom cleaned up. A steady diet of micro worms, baby brine shrimp and assorted pellets and worms made them both better than golf ball sized. I needed to clean one of the tanks so I threw the resident snail in the other fry tank.. and kinda forgot it was in there.

The other day I opened the top of the tank to feed and discovered these. After a bit of research on the net, I found out theses were Mystery Snail eggs. Wow.. guess I’m going to have quite a few of these things pretty soon. Found another mass the size of these two combined just above the water line on the back of the tank today. Once they get going they look to be pretty prolific. Can’t wait till they hatch. I read they take two weeks so will update then.


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Cambodia Spawn Update

red-1The spawn with the pet shop Bettas is producing a spawn of all Cambodians it seems. I netted a few and put them in a container [that I didn’t realize was scratched] and took a few update photos. This one is a little darker bodied than most of the others and his fins have all gone red. We are starting to also see some of the Crowntail from his dad showing up in the fins as well.

red-3This is one of the few that has a bit of shimmer and irridescence to the body. The father carried that trait as well. It also looks like we are getting some brancing in the tail rays. Will see what everybody looks like in a week with feeding the beef heart we just got.

red-2Just another shot of the fry.

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