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1My son got me back into Bettas with a pet shop purchase of a pair of Crowntails. He prefers the spiky tails over the fancy halfmoons. They ended up being  nice with good food and lots of water changes. So I let my son spawn his pair. These fry are only two weeks old and are regular heifers. They are quite a bit bigger than the copper spawn I did again and only 1 day older. red

 The male appears to be red with a metallic sheen. He flares all the time, except when I want to get a picture. The metallic bleeds into the fins, and he could have the webbing more reduced.. but my son loves him and we have an outlet for the fry. The black speckling on his face is kinda cool.. would be neat all over his body.

haileyThe female is a big bodied Cambodian that has a great personality. When we had her at the house she would swim along the side of the container facing you. It did not take her long to realize people had food.. and lots of it. I don’t like the dip in her top line. It wasn’t noticeable when we got her.. but has become more obvious as time has progressed. She’s not ideal, but again, means a lot to my son. So we will find homes for all the fry and move on to his new Crowntails for breeding.

3The fry so far have been growing well. They are even larger than another spawn done several days earlier. They went into a growout earlier this week and are doing well there. They are getting bbs and dry food and are eating both eagerly. All of them are a creamy colored and have a tinge of red showing at the base of their tails. None have them have developed any swim bladder issues so maybe we are getting the hang of feeding.


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1More pictures of fish in the Copper spawn. This one is developing a nice tail.. and with the flash.. has a lovely color. Cruising around the tank most of these fish are a pale whitish color with shimmers of sheen.  The camera flash sure brings out a nice color on them.

3Another nice large fry. Tails are developing nice on both of these fish. Pretty much all the fry look like these.. no longer fins that would indecate I have some males. Bummer.. but what are the chances of having 40+ females in a spawn.

4This colorful guy is from the second spawn. Lots of colors and all bright and shiny. Not what I was wanting.. but kinda fun to see develop. It has a little Butterfly type pattern developing.  We will just have to keep an eye on him.

1This one is turning out kinda cool. The largest in this group, it has a huge dorsal fin. The blue is becoming more visible as it grows. It does not have any ventral fins though.. only one so far I have found like that. Another one I enjoy watching change as the days go by.

6Another multi color with more of the copper colored sheen and also showing that red that may be the beginings of a butterfly pattern.

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Definately NOT losing my Marbles..

4Well, here is one of my Copper fry.. and it is marbling too. This was one of my darker Coppers and this week it has lost patches of color. This guy also has some funky ventrals.. they stick out kinda sideways and  all the rays are the same length.. like a fan. So far, it is the only one in this group to marble. I really wasn’t interested in Marble Bettas.. but here we are. Guess we will see how they all mature out and decide to keep going with them or let someone else play with them.

2Another shot of the marble pattern developing. It still has a nice copper shimmer so it might prove interesting as it grows. This bunch still has no obvious males.. hopefully they are slow maturing and not all females. lol.. And, since I have Marbles with different females, I can only conclude the male is the carrier of the gene.

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My Marble

Imported Photos 00259Since my marble is so cute, here are some photos of it.









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Growing Up

f1The fry are changing week to week. This is one I can identify in the second spawn.. my brilliant blue. Here it is at 5 weeks of age. This is when that white spot on the top of the body presented itself. It has displayed the nicest color so far in this spawn and is one of my larger fry in the group.

f6And here is the same fish a week later. The spot is about the same, but the tail appears to be developing more branching. I don’t have the 180 yet.. but with every other day water changes.. I’m hoping if the genetics are there.. we will get a nice tail.

So far there are few squabbles in the fry tanks. After a meal with their bellies full, they get to squaring off. I find it amusing that the smaller ones seem to think they can take on the bigger fish with a belly full of food. I only have one with what appears to be a nip in the fin so will let them go a bit longer before I start the jarring process. I am trying to get some containers around for that eventual day.

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Dueces Wild

f4This group is turning out to be my Wild Card bunch. A Copper x Blue/Yellow, I expected an assortment of blues, greens, and steels with maybe a hint of the copper glint. What I have is quite an assortment. Most are kinda dull looking with many having red in their fins. I have one brilliant blue and at least one marble. With the camera flash there are glints of green and turquoise as well.

f1Here is one of the plainer ones. There is just a touch of green shimmer and lots of red in the fins. Neither parent had red, so really scratching my head as to where it is coming from.


This one has more of the green covering the fish and the red has a bit of a butterfly type pattern. The fins seem nice on this one. There are a few that are patterned like this.

f3Without the flash, this guy is pretty dull. But the flash brings out several colors on this fish and more of the red fins.

f6This is my brilliant blue fry. Up until this week it was solid.. now it is showing a little white patch on the top of its body.

f9This is another shot of the one in the first picture. Though not the best quality picture, you can still see the large dorsal fin. It is the largest fish in this spawn and without the camera flash, is a very dull brown color with lighter tan fins. The flash shows a bit of blue shimmer in the dorsal and sprinkled on the tail. It also has managed to loose its ventral fins.

marbleAnd where did this come from?? This was solid colored a little over a week ago. And now, it has been losing color. The camera flash shows a bit of green shimmer over the body. I may have a few others that end up like this as they are starting to get a bit splotchy.

I can only assume with this variety in the fry, that the female may come from marble stock. That big dorsal in that one fry makes me think somewhere in both parents family tree is some Doubletail. This bunch is changing so much from week to week the next month should prove interesting.

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Coppers at 8 Weeks

f1These guys are getting big. They all have a beautiful shimmer that photos just can not get. Most of the ones I had with swim bladder issues with have righted themselves and are swimming normally. I still have a handful of fry that are very undersized.. not much bigger than say week or two week old fry. I’ve watched them and they just do not seem to feed well. I have even made sure to add micro worms that will fall to the bottom so they can feed.. and many of these smaller fry just don’t seem to get into eating.

s1This guy, however DOES get it. I swear it has doubled in size since I got it a few weeks ago. I bet it is as large as a golf ball. The bottom of this tank never has any pile of dead shrimp or microworms. If you watch, you can see him eating them as he goes. There is one in the other tank as well, but it has not grown like this one. I’m going to get a few more of them as they are kinda fun to watch as well as great housekeepers.

f7The fry are on to bigger things than bbs and micro worms. This one has a frozen glassworm. These days they are getting freeze dried daphnia, frozen bloodworms and glassworms, white worms, live daphnia, freeze dried tubifex worms and Attisons Betta Pro. I am trying to feed less at a time and feed more times. They are having to be more active in getting their foods and hopefully staying well fed yet trim. The micro worms are added in the morning for the smaller ones on the bottom and seem to make a nice snack for the bigger ones to kinda graze on through out the day.

f3We are seeing some pretty color and also starting to see some rays splitting in the tails. This is one of the bigger ones and the tail is showing some growth and the beginning of split rays. This is my first Halfmoon spawn, so I have no idea how the tails will develop. Each little development is new and exciting. And, since I can’t tell who are males or females either, we have much more to look forward to.

f4Not sure what is going on in this tail.. it appears to have some ray branching as well. Guess we are just going to have to wait and see.

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Big Nutrition in Small Packages

mw-1I’m getting quite a collection of creepy crawlies to feed my  young Bettas. This is a picture of one of my Micro Worm cultures. I got the Micros, some Walter Worms and Banana Worms for my fry. After doing a lot of reading about the swim bladder issues we had, I got these guys to keep from feeding exclusively baby brine shrimp. Now I start out my fry out on Vinegar Eels and these Micro Worms. I add the brine shrimp the second day and only feed them as the afternoon feeding. I also am not feeding to the stuffed to the gills point. Rounded bellies.. not huge little porkers.

mw-2The micro worms have been quite easy to maintain. I was advised to start another culture immediately to have a back up for when the originals crashed. But I did not have time. So, I kinda babied the originals along. I make hand made soap, so I have oatmeal that I have run through a coffee grinder that is used in production of one of my soap recipes. I shook a bit of the powdered oatmeal over the culture and added a bit of yeast. Within hours I have cultures that look like these. To harvest, I use a small wood  pop-sickle type stick to scrape the sides. The large wad of worms are rinsed into a small cup of water. I harvest all 3 cultures into one small condiment cup and feed all 3 worms at a time. I figure the fry are a better judge of what they can and will eat then me. I also make sure I don’t put the stick back into the culture without wiping off the stick to avoid mixing the cultures.

To start another culture I get one of the plastic food storage containers and I mix my pulverized oatmeal with some water to make a  paste. More wet than dry.. but not watery. I then add about a tablespoon of active culture and sprinkle some yeast on top. I now buy the yeast in bulk and put it in a salt type shaker. It makes adding the yeast really easy. I then punch a hole in the lid and put the culture away for 2 days. At that time I check it. I add a bit more powdered oatmeal and sprinkle in some more yeast right over the existing medium. The culture usually takes about 4 or 5 days to get to where I can harvest worms crawling up the side. I continue to rejuvenate it by adding the oatmeal and yeast every other day. So far, so good with the original culture. We will see how long it lasts. Meanwhile.. I do have that backup going.

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Growing.. Growing.. Growing

7week-1Here is my first spawn at 7 weeks. There is a range of sizes as you can sort of see by the picture. This batch was more reluctant to eat the dry food than the other.. but by now are starting to accept it. Water changes are being done every other day and we are gradually filling up the 30. We are about 2/3 full.. so they are in about 20 gallons of water at this time.

7 week-2These fry are not showing the color the second group are. Most of these are a silvery color and a bright sheen is evident as they swim and turn. A few are showing a darker edge on their anal fins but over all are kinda plain at this time.

5 week-1In contrast, the second group of fry, now at 5 weeks, are showing lots of blue. There are a few that have a bronze sheen.. but most of them are showing a nice, brilliant blue. I wonder if we will get any greens or turquoises out of this bunch. This was a Copper x Blue/yellow cross. Since the Copper is supposed to be a genetic Steele Blue.. I should have various blues, greens and steels in this bunch.. with a bit of shine coming from the Copper?? I’m really curious how those bronze colored ones will turn out. With Bettas it’s like waiting for Christmas.

week 5-2And this group is showing a definite darker edge in the anal fins than the first fry. The mother of this spawn has a darker edge on all her fins and it looks to have stamped the fry so far. And speaking of fins.. I’m wondering when I can tell if I  have any nice Halfmoons in the bunch. Guess we will have to wait and see.

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Female Crowntail

allieHere is Allie. This is the female Crowntail  that we got with the Copper male Crowntail. Sorry about the water spots.. she was free swimming in the sorority tank and they all had food on their minds. Compared to the other girls, she is a bit bulkier. Her fins are cool.. and best of all.. my son really likes her. We will give her a few weeks to settle in then get here in the spawning tank.

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