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The first spawn got transfered into a 30 gallon tank for growing out this week. They seem a bit lost but I’m confident they will grow into it. These guys are about 4 weeks old now. Even with all this room.. they are a scrappy bunch. It is really funny to see them square off and squabble with each other. They are also traveling to the top of the water now for air. Their labyrinth is maturing.

They are also getting a bit of a shimmer to them. Most of them are lighter and have a bit of a gold cast to them. I do have a few that are darker.. so I’m curious to see what they will do as they get older.  The parents were Coppers. The male is darker than the female so one might assume that most of them are going to be closer to the females color. I’m trying to look at the tails and fins now as well. Do I have any nice Halfmoons? I’m sure hoping so. Every week seems to bring something new and exciting.

The second spawn is coming along nicely as well. I am looking for a 20 gallon for them as a grow out as I do not have as many. I have two more 30’s if I can’t get a 20 for the grow out. It looks like I may have 12 to 20 fry in this spawn so the bigger tank is not really necessary.

Some of the fry from both spawns are having problems with their swim bladders. They are hanging out on the bottom of the tank and are having difficulty swimming. I’ve read that the brine shrimp can cause these problems. After talking with an experienced breeder, I’m hoping they grow out of it. If by some chance they still have this issue a few months from now, they probably will not come out of it and will need to be culled. Bummer.. especially since some of them are that pretty gold right now. I have the first spawn in a tank with some daphnia and they are snacking on the new daphnia as they become available. I’ve also been adding some micro worms to give them something different to eat. In the future we are going to keep a variety of foods and food quite so much and see if  it makes a difference.


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dragonThe Betta bug bit again. A few weeks ago a local.. compared to Thailand.. breeder had stock for sale. I’m beginning to see I like the Metallics. Since the breeder was offering a pair.. I decided to go ahead and get these guys too. I was told these should produce all metalic Dragons. I’m told they are chocolate with the metalic covering. So, should be interesting watching the fry grow from this pair. Wonder when that metallic sheen appears. Hopefully, in a few weeks, we will get this pair bred and find out.

dragon-fmThe female does not have as much of the metallic covering as the male. I may take the best females from this cross and out cross them to another male that is more solid metallic. I know not much is devoted to developing the females.. males are developed and the females are along for the ride. So, as I breed, I’d like to actually do some work to improve the females I get and be able to produce high quality females for breeding.

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Spawn Update

041609_1Well, these guys are a little over three weeks old. Still too small to get any kind of good photo. But the bellies are pink and round so they are eating good. I am suprised that the fry still vary in size. We still have a few small, runty looking ones in the bunch. I’m hoping they will eventually catch up. There are still a good number of fry so I am very happy with this spawn. This weekend I will get the 30 gallon set up to be their growout tank. I have added water so the level is about 5″ now. Going to add a little more water nd raise the level so they fry have a bit more room.

The other spawn is quite a bit smaller. Fred, the Copper male, did the usual no nest spawn. He just blew the eggs up under the cup and kind of kept them in the center. The eggs had just hatched and I had lots of free swimming fry when I received word my father had passed away. A friend was asked to feed my fish and to keep everything simple.. as simple as hatching shrimp can be.. I removed dad about a day earlier than I should have.

When I got back, about a week later, I did not seem to have any fry in that tank. It took a lot of looking and I finally found some fry. It seems I lost quite a few. I had my friend feed vinegar eels right from the start. The second day I had her add brine shrimp along with the eels. Guess dad being there that extra day helps a lot.. even when he can’t blow a bubble nest.

These guys are about 10 days old now. Compared to the first spawn they are still tiny. But they appear to be eating the shrimp and I may have 20 or so in the tank. There are more plants in this spawn tank than the other and it is located in a darker area of my workshop.. so they are a bit more difficult to see. Once I get the 30 gallon set up will look for a 20 to put under it to use as a growout tank for this batch. Then on to spawning the Dragons..

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More New Fish

nickWe’ve managed to acquire some new fish. This guy is Nick. When we joined IBC, we asked about the Betta Pals program. IBC Breeders donate a pair of Bettas to new members to get them started with  nice fish. This guy is from my ‘sponser’. This fish, and a sibling female, were sent as a bonus to the pair he was sending. The pair are my youngest. He is green, has red fins and a big, bad attitude. What a fireball! He is a joy to watch.

hollyAnd this is Holly.. the sibling female. She is a pretty little thing and much quieter than her brother. These two are going to be spawned to try to establish the green bodied fish with red fins.

aliThis guy is Ali. He is the male from the Betta Pals I got. Bigger than Nick, he does not have quite the fire. I could not get any kind of decent picture of him.. but I took these pictures when I first got them in their tanks. Guess he did not travel as well as the others. He is blue, with blue fins that have a red band. We are going to try to establish a 3 banded butterfly with him and his sister.

jasmineHis sister is a nice blue with hints of red in her fins. Again, pictures are not the easiest to get, so will have to play with my camera and keep trying. And , I have another pair of Dragons that arrived today that I need to get some pictures of too.

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One Week

1weekToday the little guys are one week old. Most ot them have gotten bigger and are more active than they were a few days ago. They are also spread more through out the entire depth of the water. Previously, most of the fry were hanging out on the surface.

The fry have been on baby brine shrimp for the last few days. I pretty much wiped out my vinegar eel culture feeding the first two days. It is now recovering and I also have some more coming as well as another larger jar that I am culturing the eels in. It has more surface area so I’m hoping to use that to reseed the smaller jars I use to harvest. I plan on feeding the eels a little longer than 2 days the next spawn. I will still start the brine shrimp around day 2, but will continue the eels with it with the hope that by this 1 week point, I don’t have the smaller fry. Right now I have a number of fry that seem to have missed out on the feedings all week. They are noticably smaller than the guys that have been eating regularly.

daphniaI have also gotten in a start of daphnia. They are in a 10 gallon tank in a few inches of water. They have been getting the gunk on the bottom of the fry tank as well as ‘green water’ from some fish here at the house. I have read how sensitive these things are to bad water so have been adding a little here and there. So far, so good. They seem to be doing well and there are variouse sizes so I’m assuming they are reproducing. I have been giving the adult Bettas a few every morning. I had intended to grow the culture up a bit before feeding, but I enjoy seeing the Bettas take after the daphnia. Seems to put some spunk in their swim. 🙂

I had tried to breed my other pair, Harry and Sally.. the blues with the yellow fins. After a bit of chasing, the 2 just cohabitated. I was a bit amazed to say the least. I really like the male.. and, he has double pectoral fins. I’ve been out of Bettas for a long time.. but the other fish I have have regular pectorals. This male has very frilly pectorals. I would really like to get his genetics in some offsrping. But, the cohabitating and he seemed to have some issues so I separated them. He still seems to be a bit off so he is just hanging out and we will see if anything changes.

The female, Sally, I rested up a week and then put her in with Fred, the father of the current spawn. I put her in a glass yesterday then released he later in the afternoon. I actually thought  I would walk in to a finished spawn this morning.. but alas I did not. On a trip though the shop I checked on them and they were just figuring things out. I was hoping that the male being experienced, it would be an easy spawn. He still did not blow a bubble nest before or even while putting the eggs in the nest. Sally, decided she did not like that idea so she put the eggs she picked up in some floating plants I had in the tank. I guess this spawn is going to be bubbleless like the previous one.

I had a meeting for our upcoming Farmers Market season a few doors down from the shop. Since I had to pick up the cat, Bruce, I did a final check on the two before heading home. It looked like they were done so I removed the female. Once again there are a bunch of eggs… and no nest. But, Fred managed to take care of the last spawn, so we will let him do it his way. Gonna have to give him some extra daphnia when he gets done.

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