Basement Bettas

Raising Show Quality Bettas

First Feeding

Well, this morning, most of the fry are horizontal and swimming around. Some are still hanging around the bottom and there are a few that are still kinda tail down hanging on the edges of things. I have no idea how long the spawn lasted, but it makes sense some may be a bit behind in the their development by several hours.

I tried to get a picture but nothing came out. I guess I need to get a macro lens to take picture of new baby bettas. I also need a magnifying glass. Can’t see anything. Probably due to old age but I want to blame it on the amber colored water and the plastic tub I used as a spawn tank.

Last night before I left I put some filter floss in the neck of the bottle I have vinegar eels in and added fresh water. This morning the clear water was full of lots of wiggly little worms. I added a small dropper full of eels in with the fry first thing and also around lunch time they got another small dropper full. Can’t see if the fry are eating the worms, but with a bright light you can see the worms wiggling around in the water. The baby brine shrimp have not really hatched out as planned.. may need to figure out how to warm the water a bit.. so good thing had the eels. I hope before heading to the house tonight I have some bbs to feed. I have a light over the shrimp but I’m not sure it is warm enough for a 24 hour hatch. Time for more research..

I just had a shipment of wax warmers come in so I need to go back to being a shop keeper.. and leave the babies alone till later tonight when my work is done.


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