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First Spawn

I had been conditioning the Copper male and the female arrived in good shape so a weeks worth of good feeding and I put her in with the male Thursday morning. Fred, the Copper male, got busy with a bubble nest and chasing the female, Wilma, all over the tank. I had things to do here at the shop so I kept an eye on them. Wilma was getting some torn fins but she was pretty cheeky. She’d flare and come right back at Fred. I kept thinking I’d walk back there and they’d be spawning.. but alsa.. at 8 pm I left for  home.

The next morning Wilma was in the corner of the tank and much trimmer. I gently scooped her out and started acclimating here to another tank that was cooler than the spawn tank. A check on Fred and there were not as many bubbles but there were eggs! Through out the day I checked on him and was a bit concerned. The bubbles kept dissappearing untill there were very few left. Fred spent a lot of time swimming up and down the side of the spawn tank instead of under the nest. My fears were he was eating the eggs. But, he did not seem to be getting any bigger around so I really wondered what was going on. I kept the lights in the workshop off and hoped I’d get at least a few babies out of the whole deal.

Today I came in and checked on Fred. The nest was bigger and a bright light shined up into the nest showed several eggs. So, I am much relieved that he did not eat the eggs. Now, I am hoping to get some of those eggs hatching soon. Will start the baby brine shrimp and I have a vinegar eel culture. We should be ready to feed when it’s time.


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