Basement Bettas

Raising Show Quality Bettas

Getting Ready

Last night I took a cruise to the pet shop as the weather here was supposed to get rough. On my list of things to get were sponge filters, submersible heaters and a strip light. After checking out the pet shop and the local Wal-Mart I come home not really finding what I was looking for. No one had heard of sponge filters at the pet shop. They did have a submersible heater on sale so I picked one up. It was more than cheapy me wanted to spend.. but it is an investment and I should get a few years out of it. Lighting, it seems, consists of the full hoods these days. The pet shop had some lights for larger tanks so we stopped at Wal-Mart. The light they had was also a full hood.. but I picked it up just in case. I can tell right now I am going to get glass covers and rig up some shop lights over my tanks. I’m also going to have to spend some time online to get a resource for fishy things.

We almost have everything together to setup some holding tanks and some breeding tanks. Plants, brine shrimp eggs and the vinegar worm culture  will be here tuesday. I’ve read about all kinds of other wormy-buggy things that are raised for food. One step at a time for me on that stuff. DH will fall out when he finds out about that.. he’s not into growing funk.

Also on the adgenda for the weekends are figuring out where the electricity is in the basement. This time of year it is till cool down there, so we need to definately have heaters running and I want to have a bit more lighting than is offered by the overhead lighting. Got to find the outlets and decide what to set up where. Looks like a fun project for the weekend.. sure beats being out in that snow.


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Starting Out

I have been out of fish keeping as a hobby for 18+ years. My son, has been bugging me for a while for some fish so we finally got a 10 gallon and set it up in his room. The guppies have blessed him with 9 babies and they are doing well. He also got a pair of Bettas.

I told him  how much fun it was to breed them and see all the beautiful colors. It sounded like something he was interested in so I started doing some research and WOW! the Bettas of today are stunning! We joined the IBC and are looking to get some quality Bettas and start breeding. So I’m now on the lookout for tanks and heaters. I can set up the breeding tanks in the basement here in the shop. I went online and ordered Java  Moss and Vinegar Worms. Also ordered some Brine Shrimp Eggs and purchased an air pump, air stone and tubing. Also have some water conditioner coming to make this ugly Ohio water feel like the tropical waters in Thailand. all we need now are some beauties to breed.

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